Fund Management

Deal Sourcing

Leveraging region-wide network, we enable investors to access quality and attractive opportunities through out Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan.

Investment Screening, Analysis, and Evaluation

We conduct thorough research and analysis to evaluate opportunities to ensure our investors are presented with credible opportunities, act in our investors’ best interests.

Investment Structuring

We take lead in deal structuring to ensure tax efficiency, preservation of capital gains and profit repatriation upon the exit. We also help to navigate the regulatory compliance of each deal in the respective countries.

Investment Monitoring

We oversee the investment from development to operation on behalf of our investors to ensure the successful completion of construction and regularly perform assets and portfolio monitoring and reporting. We make sure our investors are kept updated in a timely manner.

Exit Strategy

We craft the exit strategy of the investors’ real estate assets in consideration of sale of individual assets or whole portfolio to best fit our investors’ needs.

Fund Administration & Compliance

Our administration and compliance team make sure all operating activities complied with applicable laws.