Agility assists Phillipcapital Real Estate for every investors’ real estate investment needs

Agility Group assists Phillipcapital Real Estate for real estate investment needs

AAM (AAM Singapore) towards quality and attractive investment opportunities that services every investors’ real estate investment needs. In order to achieve that target, first of all we own a team of experts for each investment strategy and real combat experience through many reliable investment funds. AAM was established as the real estate arm of PhillipCapital Group. Since our inception as a stockbroker in Singapore, PhillipCapital has grown into an integrated Asian financial house with a global presence as well as operating in the financial hubs of 15 countries.

 AAM (AAM Singapore) 's real estate investment needs

AAM (AAM Singapore): Real Estate Investment Needs

AAM Singapore (AAM) 's property investment

AAM Singapore (AAM): Property Investing

AAM Singapore (AAM)  takes the lead in Singapore real estate investment and building a investment fund system with multi-strategy real estate. Expressly, clients can invest with us with three types of funds investment including Asia Pacific Credit Plus Fund, Agility Affordable Housing Fund I and AAA Multi-Strategy Real Estate VCC. In addition, services at AAM support investors to maximize the potential value of AAM investors’ real estate through utmost understanding.

AAM Singapore (AAM) offers a wide range of services related to Singapore property management and operation of real estate. Find out more about our Fund Management Service if you are really interested in.

AAM supports Phillipcapital Real Estate in Singapore investment strategy

About intimate relationship of Phillipcapital and AAM in investment deals

Phillipcapital Real Estate is for individuals or corporate entities, PhillipCapital offers a full array of real estate services via its property arm – the Agility Group of Companies. With a network of offices covering the ASEAN region, Hong Kong and Japan, the Agility Group is well positioned to take care of the real estate needs of the whole of the clients.

AAM Singapore Services for Buyers, Sellers, Tenants and Landlords (Brokerage)

    1. AAM assists companies and individuals with the sale and rental of commercial, residential and industrial assets for investment, rental or owner-occupation purposes.

    2. Sourcing, evaluating, and recommending real estate that align with our client's investment goals.

    3. Tap on our network of overseas developers and agents to supply clients with approaches to investment opportunities beyond Asia Pacific.

    4. Supply consulting services to foreign developers, corporations and investors, including locating, due diligence and cross-border brokerage.

    5. Find and recommend the best real estate, cost-effective financing package for clients through our team of mortgage brokers.

For more information on our Funds and investment opportunities, please visit Agility Asset Advisors.

Phillipcapital Real Estate 's investment needs

AAM Singapore (AAM): Phillipcapital Real Estate 's investment needs

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AAM (AAM Singapore) has built a true regional network through strategic alliances with leading valuation firms in these countries. Click below to see more details.

Phillipcapital Real Estate | The Most Important Factors for Real Estate Investing

Location in Phillipcapital Real Estate is always a key consideration, there are numerous other factors that help determine if an investment is right for you. Here's a look at some of the most important things to consider if you plan to invest in the real estate market.

1. Location in Phillipcapital Real Estate

The saying "location, location, location is still king" shows the location continues to be the most important factor for profitability in real estate investment. The location's proximity to amenities, green space, beautiful views, and the neighborhood's status factor stand out in residential property valuations. Proximity to markets, MRT stations, warehouses, bus hubs, schools, freeways and tax-exempt areas plays an important role in commercial real estate valuation.

Phillipcapital Real Estate 's Investment Service

Phillipcapital Real Estate 's Investment Service

2. Valuation of Phillipcapital Real Estate

Property valuation is one of the important factors for conduct during the investment, listing price, investment analysis, insurance, and taxation— totally dependent on real estate valuation.

3. Investment Purpose and Investment Horizon in Phillipcapital Real Estate

As it is important given the low liquidity and high value investment in real estate, a lack of clarity of purpose can lead to undesirable results, including financial difficulties – especially if the investment mortgaged property.

Determine which of the following broad categories fits your purpose investment, and then plan accordingly: Buy and self-use Buy and lease, Buy and sell (short-term), Buy and sell (long-term).

These below things will give you access to long-term area planning and make a determination how to invest in in Phillipcapital Real Estate.

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AAM Singapore 's Singapore Real Estate

AAM Singapore (AAM): Singapore Real Estate Investment

Expertise In Singapore Real Estate Fund Management - Agility Group

Agility Group 's Asia Pacific Credit Plus Fund Takes The Lead In Property Investment Funds

Agility Group: The Best Investment Consultancy in Singapore

All You Need To Know About Agility Singapore Property Management

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In conclusion, AAM Singapore (AAM) provides services for all types of real estate including Singapore Real Estate Fund Management; Investment Consultancy, Brokerage, Capital Market; Singapore Property Management; Singapore Valuation And Research Markets, Singapore Real Estate Solution. Besides, Phillipcapital Real Estate with professional management for your real estate portfolio. Towards the top of every investor’s most important contacts list, real estate investment makes just about everything possible.

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